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Natural swimming pools / Recreational Ponds

These beautiful additions to your backyard are one of our favourite projects to build.  For many years I had wanted to build one at my place, finally, I took the leap and have never looked back.  To me, these pools make perfect sense, they are everything a chlorinated swimming pool is, however much much more.  Water is a life-giving element of the earth, without it we obviously would not exist. Yet in a chlorinated swimming pool, we attempt to kill anything and everything which attempts to live in it.  Our natural swimming pools do the opposite, we create an ecosystem where all the good things in nature can thrive and work together to bring us the enjoyment we seek when we go for a bushwalk or go swimming in a national park waterhole. Imagine having something like this on your property to enjoy whenever you like. 

Our natural swimming pools are also education for kids and adults alike.  As the ecosystem builds and establishes itself, nature does its thing. In no time frogs, dragonflies, bees, birds etc will appear and create the natural calming atmosphere we all seek from time to time.  Every day there is something new to look at as the plants grow and the fish and frogs breed. This is another major advantage over-chlorinated swimming pools, once installed they continue to change and become more beautiful at they grow and settle into the landscape.  

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Fish ponds

Don't have the room for a natural swimming pool but would still like a beautiful waterfall and fish in your backyard?  We can build fish ponds of any size to suit your budget and requirements. Our ponds use professional-grade materials with excellent warranties which produce a low maintenance feature that you can enjoy for many years to come. 

Pondless waterfalls

If you are after the sound and look of a waterfall without fish, then this option may be for you.  The waterfall drains through the rock into an underground pump reservoir.